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Welcome to the Highland Scottie website.  We appreciate you taking time to surf through the site to see our Scotties, our puppies, and the pedigrees involved in our breeding program.

We breed carefully and thoughtfully in order to maintain the integrity of the breed, with emphasis on health, temperament and disposition. 

As you go through the site and find that you have questions, you are more than welcome to contact us at (address coming soon.).  We will be happy to be of assistance.

Please stop by again and often.  We will keep posting changes and information as new things happen.


Elizabeth Wise

Highland Scotties






June 17, 2010: Madison has her first litter! Click here for more information

May 24, 2010: Madison is pregnant with her first litter. Click here for more information

March 10, 2010: Meghan (CH. Terriwall's Admaration) passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on February 17, 2010. For more, please visit her page in the In Memoriam section.